Self Care Workshop and Retreat Day
Newbay House Hotel

Date TBC
10am – 4.30pm €95pp


We open the day with a beautiful cacao ceremony, in the most stunning setting of Newbay house’s landscaped garden.
Cacao helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost. The experience of raw chocolate within a cacao ceremony can also assist in energetic healing and gaining clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth. We will gather in circle, around the wishing tree, and allow ourselves to connect to our heart space, create heart and mind coherence, and enjoy a guided gratitude meditation and a mindful cup of cacao.

We will then connect with our breath.
Learn Ancient yoga techniques on how to use the breath as a tool to reset the nervous system and bring the body back to balance, bringing us out if fight or flight and into rest and digest.
Using the breath as an anchor to keep us present, and tuned in we will move our joints to increase flexibility and mobility before a gentle reiki infused Yoga class, on the lawn, with weather permitting.

We will finish our Yoga with a session of Yoga Nidra, and sound meditation with crystal singing bowls, this is a guided body scan, inducing deep rest and relaxation.

Workshop no. 1

ESR, Emotional Stress Relief, and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
This workshop will guide you through kinetic shift.
Talitha uses kinetic shift, a type of hypnotic trance like state, to facilitate a mental detox, releasing old emotions, and negative thoughts patterns.
Once released we will work with belief coding, a fun and enjoyable technique to recode the brain, and enjoy some laughs with a technique called “comedy sparkles”.

A light and healthy lunch will be provided on the day, and you can enjoy the beautiful grounds of  Newbay either in silence and solitude or in circle, please note that nobody has to share anything they do not feel comfortable doing.


Workshop 2

After lunch we will return to workshopping a variety of proven Sysytematic Kinesiology techniques, to realise Fundamental conflicts and work on recoding old belief systems. We will demonstrate the power of these techniques and give simple yet extremely effective tools to use to help you break old habits and create new healthy behaviours and lifestyle choices.

After learning and practicing these techniques, we will guide you through how to create your own personalised manifesting and visualisation session.

We will wind this powerful day up with a group reiki healing session, using tuning forks to deepen your experience and rebalance the energy centres of your body. The tuning forks bring the body back to homeostasis, and deep relaxation.
You will leave this day with tangible tools to use in everyday life situations. You will feel lighter, with more clarity of purpose and feel grounded and more connected to your true self.

There will be time for reflecting and journalling with tea and coffee breaks throughout the day.

This is a powerful day of healing, empowerment and transformation, with obligation not to speak out loud or share at any time. If you have been feeling stuck, and are ready to change but need some help then this day of retreat is for you.

Self Care @ Newbay


Empowerment and Transformation
Sunday 2nd July at Newbay House Hotel
10am – 4.30pm €150pp

We open the day with a beautiful cacao ceremony, around the wishing tree in the stunning grounds of Newbay
Experience a session Gentle Meditation Yoga with sound meditation with crystal singing bowls

Morning Workshop; Kinetic Shift
Live demos teaching proven techniques to release emotional stress
Learn EFT, emotional freedom technique
Enjoy a light and Healthy Vegetarian Lunch
Afternoon Workshop; Empower and Recode
Recode brain patterns and create healthy habits and behaviours
Group reiki healing session, using tuning forks to re-tune and rebalance the energy centres of your body.


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