Sound healing, is an ancient therapeutic practice, leveraging the vibrational properties of sound to promote physical and emotional well-being.
You will be held in a coccon of silky material allowing the vibrations amd frequencies to surround your whole body while you feel held and  coccooned in your own hammock.
I will guide you into a deep relaxation  through  gentle breathwork and  meditation, then you will rest and enjoy the soundscape of all the various sounds and frequencies that will wash over your floating body, allowing you a full 360° experience of the Soundwaves in your body.
Here are some benefits of sound healing:
1. **Stress Reduction**: Sound healing can induce deep relaxation, lowering stress and anxiety levels by calming the nervous system.
2. **Enhanced Mental Clarity**: Exposure to certain frequencies can improve focus, mental clarity, and cognitive function.
3. **Emotional Healing**: It can help release emotional blockages, facilitating the processing of unresolved emotions and trauma.
4. **Improved Sleep**: Regular sound healing sessions can help regulate sleep patterns and improve the quality of sleep.
5. **Pain Relief**: Some studies suggest that sound therapy can help alleviate physical pain and discomfort.
6. **Enhanced Creativity**: The meditative and relaxing nature of sound healing can foster creativity and inspiration.
7. **Increased Energy Levels**: Balancing the body’s energy frequencies can lead to increased vitality and energy levels.
8. **Improved Immune Function**: The relaxation response triggered by sound healing can boost the immune system, promoting overall health.
9. **Spiritual Growth**: Many people find that sound healing enhances their spiritual awareness and personal growth.
10. **Harmonization of Body and Mind**: Sound healing can help balance and align the chakras and energy fields, promoting holistic health.
Please arrive 10 minutes early
Doors close at 7.30pm
Price €25

Exhale Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes
At Murphys Barn
Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm
Hatha yoga emphasizes physical postures and breath control, offering numerous benefits for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Here are some key benefits:
1. **Improved Flexibility**: Regular practice enhances flexibility by stretching and lengthening muscles, reducing stiffness.
2. **Increased Strength**: The poses in hatha yoga build muscle strength, which helps support and protect the body.
3. **Better Posture**: Practicing hatha yoga improves body alignment and posture, reducing the risk of back and neck pain.
4. **Enhanced Balance**: Many hatha yoga poses develop better balance and stability, which is beneficial for daily activities and preventing falls.
5. **Stress Relief**: The combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
6. **Mental Clarity**: Hatha yoga can improve focus, concentration, and overall mental clarity through mindful practice and breath awareness.
7. **Improved Breathing**: Breath control techniques (pranayama) in hatha yoga enhance lung capacity and efficiency, promoting better respiratory health.
8. **Enhanced Circulation**: The physical activity and deep breathing in hatha yoga improve blood circulation, which supports cardiovascular health.
9. **Increased Energy Levels**: Regular practice can boost energy and vitality by improving physical conditioning and reducing fatigue.
10. **Emotional Balance**: Hatha yoga helps in managing emotions, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression by promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
11. **Detoxification**: Through physical movement and improved circulation, hatha yoga aids in detoxifying the body by flushing out toxins.
12. **Mind-Body Connection**: Hatha yoga fosters a deeper connection between mind and body, enhancing self-awareness and mindfulness.
Hatha promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle, supporting both physical and mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Price €15 drop in
Or a course of 4 for €50


Friday 21st June 7.30 -9.00 pm
We will gather in circle
Connect to our hearts with a Cacao ceremony
Deepen into our bodies and journey inwards
Release and let go of stresses held in the body with restorative yin yoga
Then Relax and Reset the nervous system with a
Guided Meditation and Sound Bath.
 tickets are €33

Morning Stretch Outdoor Class

7am – 7.45
Join us at Ferrybank carpark
We will move and stretch to the sounds of the birds and scenic views of the river Slaney
€10 per class